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Helping a deprived riberinho (river people) community in the Brazilian Amazon, reachable only by boat. Local but now world-renowned composer and cellist, Diego Carneiro, founder of AmazonArt, would like to ask volunteer teachers with a love for the arts; musical or simply creative, to help this incredible, small but inspiring education centre in Combu, a relatively short boat journey from the city of Belém, northern Amazonian Brazil.

Established in 1998 the school sought to provide social and cultural development for the residents and children unable to access facilities in Belém. The school soon became the heart of the community and provides education centred around valuing and protecting the local tradition and environment. Music and art inspire understanding and promote the protection of the rainforest and river.

Volunteers can spend time both educating and learning with a view to assisting further development of the school.

The objective is to create an Institute of Arts incorporated with the Education centre, where a Theatre could also be appropriated.

The Centre, on Combu Island, was started in 1998 as a “school under the trees” for children of the very poor community living there. The first teacher was Alana de Souza Barbosa, originally from Spain, who wanted to help the community. After years of struggle and development it gained its first building in 2006. Unfortunately, in 2007, Ms Barbosa died but her sister stepped in to help. Also a teacher, Dagamar de Sousa Barbosa has sinced placed great emphasis on environmental matters.