Clase Magistral: Tony Allen - Festival Ecuador Jazz 2017


Presented by Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre at Alianza Francesa, Quito Pichincha

Feb 10 2017
Clase Magistral: Tony Allen - Festival Ecuador Jazz 2017

Tony Allen
Afrobeat Master Class

Tony Allen has long been acknowledged as Africa’s finest kit drummer and one of the continent’s most influential musicians. Together with Fela Kuti (with whom he played for 15 years) Allen co-created Afrobeat – the hard driving, horns rich, funk-infused, politically insurrectionary style which became such a dominant force in African music and such an influence worldwide.

In addition to be recognized worldwide for his music, he is also known for delivering a brilliant master class in which he shares his knowledge about music, music cognition, the concepts of rhythm, time, breath and the sound possibilities that the drums can provide in conjunction with the pace of the body. During the workshop Tony Allen shares his story and reveals aspects of African culture in music, his experiences and his skills behind the drums that became the beat begin the Afrobeat.

The master class excels on the formation of a dynamic within the group, dynamic, which consist in the creation of excises that allow demonstrating the technics he has developed through out the years and in which the audience is highly encouraged to participate.



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Alianza Francesa

Avenida Eloy Alfaro N32-468 y Rusia, Quito, Pichincha 170150

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